Featured Feline

Shannon "naeco" Wood

Feline Name: Naeco
Heat Status:Single... Watch out boys, don't try if you can't handle
Wildcat Adaption:Consistently adapting (Learns new stunts on the daily)
Favorite Roar:"No roar, just laughter"

Shannon Wood, besides being one stunning cat, is a sports enthusiast who works in film doing a wide range of stunts. Just as easily as she can hurt herself, she has learned to fix herself. She is a trained and certified paramedic that any accident prone individual would be lucky to wake up to. Watch out boys..

Contrary to belief that cats hate water, naeco proves otherwise. Read her "feline name" backwards and you should just about understand that she is no ordinary cat. This water kitten has grown up in the ocean with a great passion for the waves. Catch her on her 6"5 fishtail when the swell is good. She has become a great example feline with a contagious attitude towards life. Her love for her surroundings and charismatic laughter would tame any wildcat.

Why she should be here?

When Shannon was younger she broke her kneecaps and tore some tendons around her knee. This accident would potentially swerve her off course from her multiple outdoor sports and activities, potentially damaging her rambunctious energetic presence. She would exchanged her outdoor activities for indoor physiotherapy and had to be tamed herself.

Now, in her line of work, she hurts herself on the daily as it comes with the job description she so proudly stands behind. Being a stunt-cat is no ordinary job. There are days she has had to be put taken away on stretchers and taken to the vet after a hard push at training, but this only seems to get her more motivated to train harder.

Personal Stunt Trainer Marni:
"Not one time since i have worked with her has she hesitated to try a new stunt weather it be working with cables, rock climbing, surfing, horseback riding, firearms, or any of the stunts that the actors aren't insured to do. She is willing to train early in the morning for very long hours and after she falls (literally) she gets back up and tries again. Probably the hardest part about working with Shan is that it is hard to stop her constant giggling, she is also a brat! ;);)
She seems very excited to be involved with such an amazing company. I know it was hard on her when she was unable to pursue the extreme activities that make her happy while she recovered."

Naeco has experienced a big loss as her dreams were swept from beneath her, but has ultimately returned that ill faith into strong ambition and surpassed the litter. We can all relate to losing something before we miss it, and need to cherish the ability we still have. Her drive and determination will make her bark up the right tree one day, and instead of getting stuck, she will jump. To our daredevil cat neaco, we thank you for being an inspiration to many.

Paw Pound

Candice 'CandyCross' Drouin

Feline Name: CandyCross
Alley of Birth: Banff, AB
Cat Heat Status: Single (catch her up in the mountains)
Wildcat Role: Canada~Snowboard Para National team Coach and Manager
Wildcat Adaptation: Motivates and coaches future Wildcats
Favorite Roar: "Send it!"

Candice 'CandyCross' Drouin is a cat not to be messed with.. Her determination, sense of competition and hunger for speed has driven her to become a great icon in Canadian Snowboarding. Growing up as a snow-cat in Banff, her mountainous backyard playground would potentially become the same terrain she would launch from to win numerous gold medals in various snowboard races. A lifestyle was naturally groomed for our featured feline...

Her progressions within the mountain life would push her in many snowboard pathways to connect with many influential people and valiant competitors. In one of these particular paths, she crashed in a competition.. Ultimately, her broken wrist and head injury would not compare to the mental crash, as the opposing competitor would not walk away from the course.

With an understanding of how quickly the racing life could come to an end, she would accept a coaching position to help aid the competitor within many up and coming athletes in the winter para-sport sector.

Today, you can find CandyCross up on the hills of Whistler and all over the country assisting people with physical limitations to reach their competitive potential all the way to the international arena. A true wildcat spreading the hunger!

Christi 'LynX' Rougoor

Feline Name: LynX; small but fierce
Alley: Niagara Falls
Heat Status: In a relationship. Lucky guy.
Wildcat Adaption: Showing people its more than a two legged world.
Favorite Roar: "...AND THATS HOW ITS DONE!"

Brief Timeline of events:
1987- Born on a rural farm in Niagara-on-the-Lake ON, and grew up riding ATVs and three wheelers
2002- Built and restored my first dirtbike; a 1980 Yamaha XT250 after finding it at the end of a driveway in a basket.
2005- Bought my first brand new dirtbike; a 2005 Yamaha TT-R230
2008- Bought a 2008 Yamaha YZ250F
2008- Endured a catastrophic motocross accident while touring in Florida.
2009- Reborn again- Been searching for that rush to replace what I have lost ever since...

... Sigh*

Girls, come on now! Guys, step back!

As a person who lives and breathes the need to share experiences, the LynX is no random occurrence. Oh no.
A new year has arrived, and a new standard has officially been set!

Its with great pleasure that we can introduce someone like LynX to our followers here at 9Lives, as she represents something we thrive to see grow in other people we interact with. Individuality, Self-respect/ self-reliability and most of all comfort in knowing and understanding the present.

The wildcat you see here carries in her the essence of 9Lives. She was born for the dirt! Learned to follow her ambition to take her to a level of mental/ physical freedom! Had that freedom taken from her! and still searches for the dirt to feel free!

Deep Breath* You can be the judge..

LynX! Why are YOU Featured Feline material?
"I broke my back at T5-7 complete with rods in from T2-T9. Severed my spinal cord completely and broke every bone in face (shattered both eye sockets, caved in both cheeks, broke my nose in three and the bone right below that, broke my jaw completely in half at the front and broke it up in the joint, lost a bunch teeth and lacerated my lip really badly) before any surgeries I was unstable for about 3 days and my parents were told that I was flat lining.... I was in a drug induced coma for about 3 weeks for surgeries including complete facial reconstruction then was flown home by medical jet in between snow storms. I woke up in hamilton's ICU on Christmas fully paralyzed from the chest down. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!"

Your qualifications exceed our standard... Roll us through some events following your injury
"After only three months of leaving Chedoke [hospital], while continuing my outpatient rehab, I participated in the Rick Hanson Wheels In Motion event at Brock. Three months later I returned to classes. Since my accident I have completed two marathons, helped raise over $50,000 for spinal cord research and become an advocate for those who are also in wheelchairs."

Wow.. looks, a brain.. AND a heart.. You are killing us! What are some wildcat activities you take part in?
"While continuing to volunteer, attend school and keep up with rehab, I've continued my hobbies such as basketball, tennis, rowing, ATVing and snowmobiling."

Anything else you want to add to that list?
"Im dying to try bungee jumping, and definitely in for some downhill four cross"


Christi 'LynX' Rougoor has obviously lived many of her lives. She holds enough power to FIGHT people and perceptions, but also holds even more power to HELP people and perceptions.. This is a quality that you, the reader, can learn from. And another reason why we here at 9Lives salute LynX as the first Featured Feline of 2012. Meeeow!

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