best therapist in Plano

I found the best therapist in Plano (Finally)

I had been thru a couple of years of very troubling times and had lost the love of life and the desire to live. I had lost a really close friend, had to deal with one of my children having a child, and feeling like a failure as a mom. I was working three jobs to make end meet and found myself just not wanting to live. A friend became concerned and suggested that I seek counseling. I had been to a counselor when I was a kid but had never thought about it as an adult. After thinking about it for a while, I asked my friend if she could recommend anyone. She highly recommended Dr. Bridges after saying she was the best therapist in Plano, so I made an appointment for the following week.

I had doubts going in but I also had nothing to lose. I really didn’t want to live and I didn’t know how to find my way back to enjoying life. After going to counseling for just a couple of weeks, with the help of Dr. Bridges I was able to figure out that with everything I had been dealing with I was depressed and dealing with anxiety.  This was the beginning of me regaining my life and learning to deal with problems as they happened. I have learned that it is ok to be sad and to grieve when I lose things in life but I have also learned that I can continue to live and learn to enjoy life again.

First I had to accept and work thru the loss of my friend. I was blaming myself for not staying in touch with my friend like I should have over the last several years. I found that I was blaming myself for some of it and felt guilty.  I was thinking that if I had stayed in touch I could have changed the outcome and this was not realistic. Then I had to accept and stop blaming myself for my child getting into a position where she was having a child. I felt like a failure as a parent because this was not how I had raised my children. I had to accept that this was not my fault and no matter how many restrictions or limitation I had put on her it may or may not have changed the outcome.  I was able to forgive myself and my daughter and reestablish a close relationship with my daughter. I came to the realization that this was a very difficult time for her and she needed me to support her and not judge her or focus on myself and trying to assign blame.

I was amazed that Dr. Bridges was able to help me deal with and not only overcome but understand why I had felt so overwhelmed and had lost my desire to live. Thru counseling and talking to her I have been able to find not only the desire to continue to live but I have learned how to enjoy life again. I have enjoyed being there for my daughter thru her pregnancy and being able to watch my granddaughter grow and be an active part of her life. Yes the adjustment was not easy and I still work daily to remember what is important and what isn’t. I have to remember that I am not responsible for my granddaughter and I have tried really hard to allow my daughter to parent her instead of imposing my beliefs and trying to take over and be her parent.Do I struggle with this? Yes sometimes I do but I have to remember that I can accomplish more by being there for my daughter when she asks for help or suggestions but I don’t have to control everything. The most important thing I have learned thru all of this is that I do not have to have control over everything in life. That is not the way life works and that was what led me down to road to depression.  I am so grateful to my friend for recommending Dr. Bridges.

Hoover Elite Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Review of the Hoover Elite Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

I had hated my vacuum for tile floors since the day I got it as a wedding gift almost 6 years ago. It never picked up any dog hair, and in fact, picked up very little of anything else. It weighed a ton. It sounded like a freight train. It even smelled weird when it was on. I wanted a new one. After weeks of contemplation and research I settled on what seemed like an unlikely choice: The Hoover Elite Rewind Bagless Upright.

Is the Hoover Elite Rewind the Best Vacuum for Tile Floors?

I say this was an unlikely choice because it was over $100 less than what my price range included. I ordered it from Amazon with free shipping and my total before tax was just $86.00. It seemed that an $86.00 vacuum cleaner for tile floors might be too good to be true. After using my new machine for a few days, however, I must say I am extremely happy with my choice.

The 12 amps of power are evident in this vacuum cleaner’s suction capabilities. It pulled up tons of dog hair from my carpet and rugs – even hair that I couldn’t see with my eyes. After just a quick sweep of my living room rug, I could see a huge amount of dust and hair in the bagless canister. I had just cleaned that area with my old vacuum a few days ago. After vacuuming my upstairs tile floors, there were stuff my old vacuum couldn’t pick up seen in the canister. The tile floors were installed 3 years ago, however this machine picked up loose pieces.

I had been torn between whether or not to choose a bagless option for my new vacuum cleaner. I am very happy with the Hoover Elite Rewind Bagless for this reason. There is an automatic release for the canister to empty it, so you don’t end up all dusty after each cleaning. The vacuum cleaner also features a lifetime HEPA filter that simply has to be brushed clean every now and then. If I was getting a bagless sweeper so that I didn’t have to purchase bags, I certainly didn’t want to have to purchase filters. So this is another perk from my perspective.

The automatic rewind button that retrieves the power cord is a convenient feature. The onboard cleaning tools are sufficient, and the turbo pet hair cleaning tool is very nice, especially for stairs. It is quite powerful and allowed me to get a much more thorough cleaning of my stairs than I have ever been able to get with my old sweeper. This vacuum for tile floors is also much quieter than my old one. As the mother of an 8 month old, I certainly appreciate a softer noise level.

As for cons to the Hoover Elite Rewind, there are indeed a few. First of all, the machine is very heavy. I thought my old vacuum was quite hefty, but this one weighs even more. That makes taking it up and down the stairs somewhat difficult but as Mr Cleaning wrote on his website: “If you don’t have the strenght to pull your vacuum cleaner up the stairs, don’t buy one” Also, the stretchy hose, which is supposed to be helpful when doing stair cleaning and other reaching tasks, really isn’t all that helpful. Perhaps it will loosen with time, but for now it is too tight to really be helpful since when I pull on it, the entire vacuum cleaner tends to topple over. Finally, the filter inside the canister tends to trap dirt around it, so when you empty the canister, some dirt tends to stay trapped above the filter.

Compared to a very expensive vacuum cleaner, the Hoover Elite Rewind Bagless Upright might not be top dog. But within my price range, and for my needs, this was a great vacuum cleaner choice. This mom, for one, gives this machine an enthusiastic thumbs up.

4 Natural Tips To Grow A Full Beard Fast

There are many cultures around the world where rugged and thick beard is the symbol of power. Growing a full beard definitely requires patience and perseverance. There are few factors that are responsible for the growth of beard such as genetics and testosterone level in any individual. While nature is one thing that plays a vital role in growing thick beards. Don’t get disappointed if you are not having a good growth just follow these simple tips on how to grow a full beard?

Take care of your health

The reason why it is imperative to take care of your health when it comes to beard growth is because facial hair is having a direct relation with the health. You should start including eggs, beans and fish in your diet. These are proteins and will help to grow a full beard. Stress is harmful so make sure that you stay away. Get a full night sleep, have a positive and happy attitude. Exercise is going to increase blood circulation and will assist in growing facial hair.

Be committed

When you are growing beard, be patient and committed to the process. One stage will come when you will feel itching resulting in frustration and this is the time many will quit the process. This discomfort is going to pay you so do not shave it off. Allow your beard to grow for at least 4 weeks. You might feel uncontrollable itching and you will have to bear that.

Include vitamins and minerals

Healthy food will help you in growing your facial hair faster like vitamins and minerals. You can easily buy good quality supplements or include green vegetables and juice fruits in your diet as they are rich in natural nourishing agents that will promote the growth of your facial hair. Without appropriate nutrition you will not get real results.

Leave the beard alone

In first month you are going to look totally wild. This is the time when you will want to trim your facial hair, but you should not. Resist the temptation of beard grooming and let it grow wild. After 6 weeks you can clean up the region and shape it up.

good gaming desk

Choosing A Good Gaming Desk

A huge amount of focus and energy is required to play online games on computers. Being a gamer, you would always desire to have a neat and organized setup for all the gaming gears. The level of concentration and focus enhances when you have all the peripherals in an organized way. Moreover, your energy will also be saved if you have all the accessories and gears within easy reach. All these factors lead to the proposition that it is crucial for all gamers to invest in a good Gaming Desk, especially if they want to enhance their overall gaming experience.

Gamers usually spend long hours sitting and manipulating the computers and gaming devices, thereby it is necessary for them to maintain a good posture. Playing games in bad postures may lead to serious health complications like neck pain and back aching. This can be solved easily by including a good ergonomic chair with the Gaming Desk that fit your needs well.

What to Consider in Good Gaming Desk?

  • Ergonomic Design – Ensure that the Gaming Desk you are investing in has a great ergonomic design which protects you from all possible health complications and also go well with your long term gaming activities. You must consider buying the desk that has a good height measurement so that you can ease the arms in reaching the mouse and keypad while playing games on the desk.
  • Efficiency – A good Gaming Desk is the one that comes with sufficient space and area to promote exceptional gaming convenience and experience. The desk must have sufficient space to allow the gamers to carry out multitasking with ease without leaving their chair. All the gaming gears and equipments must be within their arms’ length.
  • Durability – Ensure to buy the efficiently designed Gaming Desk which can last for years to come. The materials used to design the desk and structure of the desk must withstand the weight of the computer peripherals and the daily abuses that gamers have to offer. There are different types of desk made out of glass, wood, PVC and more. Ensure to choose the one that is heavy and durable enough.