Larnaca, Fear Not!

Larnaca: Proving to be a prime destination for some adrenaline pumping extreme sports                 

While staying in Larnaca, you cantake a car and head to Larnaca’s beaches to enjoy some water sports. The availability of car rental in Larnaca, Cyprus makes it easy to travel to all the best locations.

Kitesurfing is a popular activity in this area. Also known as kiteboarding, the sport of kitesurfing combines aspects of several other water sports, including surfing and paragliding. A kitesurfer will use a power kite to propel the kiteboard across the water, using the power of the wind. Kahuna Surfhouse at Mazotos Beach and The Spot at Softades are good locations for kitesurfing. Kitesurfing can be a suitable activity for the differently abled, as equipment is available that has been adapted for this purpose. It is a good idea to check what facilities and equipment the centres offer before making your journey.

There are also good facilities for parasailing in Larnaca. This is another type of kiting activity, where the person is towed along the water by a boat. When the boat has picked up enough speed, the person is lifted into the air with the parasail wing. This activity, which can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities, is a very suitable sport for the differently abled. Those parasailing will feel the adrenaline rush when being lifted into the air, followed by a feeling of relaxation while flying over the sea.

For a more relaxing experience, you may want to try scuba diving. This activity can be very therapeutic for those with limited mobility, as the water can assist movement. Larnaca is an ideal location for diving, with the Zenobia ship wreck being one of the most popular areas to explore. Divers can see marine life such as turtles, stingrays and barracuda here.

There are many water sports that are suitable for the people of all mobility levels, and these are becoming increasingly accessible now having a greater choice of activities available. Laranca is an excellent location for water sports, with activities offered for all ages and abilities. It is advisable to contact water sports centres before planning your activity, to ensure that the facilities offered are suitable.

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The Positive Minds at Thompson

People with limitation now have more opportunities than in the past to enjoy life, and this includes having more of an ability to travel. There are great deals with Thomson available, for instance, for people with disabilities looking to travel and broaden their horizons.

People with physical limitation will often face not just physical obstacles, but also with how they are perceived. In many instances these perceptions are flawed, as a lot of disabled people are in fact able to live a full fruitful life – when given the chance to do so.

The recent 2012 Paralympics in London underlined how disabilities can be overcome, and that the one thing that often holds back a person with a disability is the lack of opportunity. We should be realistic about how certain limitations affect people, but we should also comprehend how rich a life everyone can still attain. Many disabled individuals will want to travel to experience life again, and great deals with Thomson make this possible.

Travelling is one way that a person with certain limitations can not only get to enjoy life, but also show their independence and gain confidence. Travelling is still something able bodied people remain nervous of, and, in this instance, a disabled person who travels is truly breaking down any of these social perceptions and limitations.

The opportunities that are now available to people with disabilities are partly due to changing attitudes. There is more of a positive feeling among both able and the disabled. There is now more of a focus on what a disabled person can do rather than what they can’t do. For disabled people in the 21st Century, more consideration is now given to their needs than even in the recent past. The disabled person, who now travels around the world, would hardly have been let out of their own house not too many decades ago. That is a big step forward, and travel opportunities for people with disabilities will only increase in the future.

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Popping Wheelies In The Sky- WITH LONNIE BISSONNETTE


Kicking off a new post today with some SERIOUS WILDCAT NEWS:
Whenever we are approached by 9Lives scpetics, news reporters or the ever so usual eye-brows when we tell people what we represent, it is thanks to people such as Lonnie THE LONSTER” Bissonnette that we continue to have progress in this world of open-mindedness, AND SCARE THE LIVING SH*T OUT OF PEOPLE..

Our conversations typically go something like this:

Unknown: So what is it exactly you do with this,… 9Lives.
9Lives: We organize action adaptive events and sporting opportunities for people with physical differences.

Unknown: OH? (the usual eyebrow).. Thats kinda crazy. Is it dangerous? What exactly have you done?
9Lives: Everything from skydiving to bungee jumping. Snowmobiling. Wind-Tunnel Flying and WCMX events

Uknown: …   …   … thats freEAKIN WILD! What’ the craziest adaptive sport you have seen?
9Lives: Well… our main man F#CKING BASE JUMPS IN HIS CHAIR!!!!! WHAAAAAAAT YES FELLOW WILDCAT, THE TIME IS NOW! We are in a new age of KNOWING. A new era of ABILITY. And reaching HORIZONS that no one has tasted before. LONNIE, felines and wildcats, is exactly the type of person to make this statement a reality.

FIND OUT ALL ABOUT HIS BEING HERE ( and watch his latest videos in BASE below.


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AM650 Radio ‘Backyard Philanthropist’ with Karim Ladki on 9Lives

BC – AM650, a west coast radio station, has asked 9Lives to become part of their newest aired segment called ‘The Backyard Philanthropist’ to share their story of a grass roots movement.

Check out the live segment below:



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9Lives No Limits: Adaptive Skate Comp 2012 a SUCCESS!


BURNABY BC- This past weekend, 9Lives has officially succeeded in throwing down Canada’s first-ever Adaptive Skateboarding and Wheelchair MX Competition.

Even through the west-coast terrential downpour, our wildcats held their heads high and decided to continue on with their competitive performance. Thanks to Aaron Wheelz Fotheringham, all of our sponsors, athletes and audience that truly made this happen! ASC 2012 oficially a success.

Check out the CBC coverage video and article here:

A huge shout out to our sponsors that made this possible:

West 49        Boardroom      Plan@t      TBApparel      Street Dreamz Boardshop      Quicksilver

SIYON Studios      Lonsdale Events      Showcase      MyPakage      Dynamic Rentals      City of Burnaby

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Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay- 9Lives

Just created a video that explains about 1/4th of our experience with this amazing event across Canada.

Check it out!


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From Grand Forks to Kelowna, BC

Hello friends!

Big smiles all around as we find ourselves in beautiful Kelowna, BC on day 3 of the relay . Lot’s of updates to share but lets stick to the highlights:

Day 1.

Matt and I land in Grand Forks, BC @ noon only to be welcomed by our friend and relay organizer Scott Jones. Scott’s one of a kind, very encouraging and fun to be around. After being introduced to the relay team it really felt like lots  already knew about 9Lives and had great feedback on the project. The weather was warm that day, just like the welcome.

Day 2.

Oh man was that an early wake up call! Matt and I were out the door at 6:45 am  and onto the bike/hand cycle for what was to be a 200km push to Kelowna. The RH relay team of 30 was scheduled to visit 8 separate communities and speak with the public to “pas it on” . Wearing the medal that honors the 25year old Man in Motion tour, we joined 63 other medal bearers to celebrate human spirit through accomplishment. It was truly electric good energy, the kind that makes anything possible.

Day 3.

A bit sore.. haha. Guess all that exercise we got made for an early night last night but I feel great today after an encouraging chat with the man in motion, Rick Hansen. We are getting prepped for the 2 public speaking engagements lined up for tomorrow. Me and Matt have quite an entertaining routine going :). After getting our feet wet with a handful of presentations yesterday, we had a chance to meet with the local community and the response to 9Lives was legendary. Who new all these Wildcats existed?! Carry on my friends .

Who loves pictures! I know I do!

Check out these catsnaps:

Look at these warriors

Rick Hansen addressing the community

Youth in motion

yes its true

Thanks for keeping up to date, more to come so stay curious.

K & M


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9Lives No Limits: Canada’s First Annual Adaptive Skate Comp

Facebook Event Here:!/events/284979454924632/






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Two Cats on track to join Rick Hansen’s 25th Anniversary Relay

As I sit here mapping out various pit stops and speaking engagements along the 480km’s of Canadian terrain, I can’t help but feel excited and grateful for all the supportive wildcats out there that have followed and shared the 9Lives vision. “Seeking limitation, then shattering it”

Matt “MLD” Thola and I, Karim “BawsCat” Ladki are going to need your continued support and positive energy as we embark on this epic journey paved by legends. Our portion of the relay starts in Grand Forks and will end in Oliver, B.C. The flight from Vancouver to Grand Forks departs tomorrow (Friday) morning and although we will both be very focused on the relay there will be updates on progress, success and challenges along the way 😀

Here is a peak at the map!


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9Lives Submission Makes Olympus 72HR Filmmaker Finalist!

9Lives Adventures decided to take part in the Olympus 72 Hour Filmmakers Showdown as part of the 2012 Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival. We put together a team with Joao Carlos and registered not knowing what to expect.

We started shooting out in the field at 10am on Day 1 and carried on late into the evening due to the various different locations we chose to capture.  Day 2 was spent mostly on the mountain followed by editing which started early in the evening. Finally, Day 3 was straight editing with 3 computers, several pots of coffee and a vision.

We have never filmed anything more than some tours and traveling edits you have seen on this site so we were stoked to find out we made the finals. Stoked! Enjoy the film!

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