About 9Lives

This venture originally started in British Columbia as an awareness project documenting the obstacles and barriers that persons with accessibility challenges face, essentially defining the limitations set upon these disabled adventure goers and shattering them… this is the documented journey of Karim Ladki, founder of 9Live Adventures, and his friend Matt Thola:

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The awareness and astounding response from the local communities and the world abroad was unbelievable.  From this tour, they were recognized internationally by the first paraplegic skydiver and asked to do a similar tour along the East Coast of Australia.  They were met with open arms throughout their journey and even featured on a national television news station.  Upon returning to BC from their Australian tour in early 2011, Karim Ladki and his project 9Lives Adventures were recognized by the Rick Hansen Foundation as ‘difference makers’ among the disabled community and asked to participate in the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay.  Karim has also recently been highlighted as a featured medal bearer on the relay website:

With the awareness growing exponentially and the ball rolling, the only logical move was to start offering this kind of experience to other disabled adventure seekers, both locally and globally.  9Lives Adventures is set to launch its first tour in August 2011.  We will cater to the extreme adventure seekers, both ‘able’ and ‘disabled’, offering a full service tour that includes transportation from Vancouver to Whistler, accessible accommodation, fully catered meals, nightlife, and a number of adrenaline fueled activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, jet-boating, atving, etc.  We will offer preset packages to the general public but will also create fully customized tours and packages for sporting teams and corporate groups wishing to put together a more adventurous retreat for their students, staff and/or clients.


Karim has always been an avid thrill seeker and adventure traveler. In 2007 Karim suffered a C7 vertebrae fracture and was faced with the possibility of paralysis. Ultimately recovering fully, he nonetheless was left with a full appreciation for those impacted with spinal cord injuries.

Following exposure to the Paralympics in Whistler, BC for the 2010 Winter Games, Karim developed an even further admiration for those living with disabilities. This inspiration drove him to start an awareness tour documenting the challenges that disabled adventure seekers face. The response was enough to turn this desire into a full business operation that fully caters to paraplegics, amputees, and other varying disabilities.

Karim brings with him numerous years in the hospitality industry and a Diploma in Hospitality from Camosun College.

His drive and desire for a life without barriers and his passion for making accessible extreme adventure travel possible is the heart of this venture.




After a serious car accident, Matt was left with a C7 spinal cord injury. Although the times looked grim for his active lifestyle, it was not until he would meet Karim Ladki and set out on the project projecting change in others as well as for himself. The transformation would bring Matt into a new lifestyle becoming the example for others to prove that anything is possible with the right mentality and motivation. He now looks at his new ability in a wheelchair as, “The best thing that ever happened to him.”

As the project grew, so did his mentality and eagerness to assist others with the same vision and belief. It is this attitude and leadership by example that will potentially bring many wheelchair users at ease as he aids in the assistance to prepare others to take the leap.

Matt is a unique individual with a unique perspective to life that will break down the social limitation and mentality of others