2 Days/ 1 Night Experience

The 9Lives RMP Rush experience targets the motorhead enthusiast of all skill levels. We leave Vancouver 9am Saturday morning @ Lonsdale Quay.

We will transport all wildcats up the Sea-to-Sky highway boasting some of Canadas most beautiful scenic drives as we get pumped up in our new Wildcat Shuttle Bus.

BANG! we will board a jet-propelled boat waiting to take you for a wild ride up the Squamish River. After this pleasant wake up call, we will enjoy a scenic BBQ to fill you up with more energy for our next destination.. Canadian All Terrain ATV & Salmon Bake.

Each of you will take your own ATV to the top of Blackcomb to enjoy a fully catered Salmon Bake overlooking the entire mountain scape. Live music, great food, and a casual rip back down the hill. Take a couple hours to relax, hot tub and sauna in the hotel and prepare for a VIP nightlife experience as we take you out on the town! A great way to celebrate with your fellow wildcats and interact with the local scene.

Sunday morning we wake up, check out and head for a well deserved greasy brunch before bidding farewell to your adult playground. Our shuttle will take you right where you were picked up and leave you speechless!




Dates Available:

  • August 25th-26th, 2012
  • September 15th-16th, 2012