All-In Adrenalin


3 Days / 2 Nights Experience

The 9Lives All-In Adrenalin Experience targets the WILDEST of cats. The people who feel that the experience in life goes way beyond anything else. The Adrenalin Junkies!

This tour is based around several long weekends and holidays to prepare you for the amount of action you will be experiencing.

We will transport all patrons up the Sea-to-Sky highway boasting some of Canada’s most beautiful scenic drives as we get pumped up in our new Wildcat Shuttle Bus.

On the first day of action, you will find yourself being strapped up to a bungee cord 300ft above the Cheakamus River. Your bungee dive will follow up with an ATV excursion up to the top of Blackcomb Mountain for an evening sunset Salmon Bake, live music and killer views. You will have the option of going out for a VIP night experience or to save yourself for… Day TWO

We head out to Pemberton Valley and set up a banging BBQ sponsorship tent where we will divide the group into two. One group head to the Jet Boat across the field, while the other straps up some skydiving suits on the other end. Once everyone experiences the Jet Boating and Skydiving we can finally check our pulses to make sure we have survived the ride! Take a couple hours to relax in the hotel and prepare for a VIP nightlife experience as we take you out on the town! A great way to celebrate with your fellow wildcats and interact with the local scene.

In the morning we wake up, check out and head for a well deserved greasy brunch before bidding farewell to your adult playground. Our shuttle will take you right where you were picked up and leave you speechless!



Dates Available:

  • August 4th-6th, 2012






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