Popping Wheelies In The Sky- WITH LONNIE BISSONNETTE


Kicking off a new post today with some SERIOUS WILDCAT NEWS:
Whenever we are approached by 9Lives scpetics, news reporters or the ever so usual eye-brows when we tell people what we represent, it is thanks to people such as Lonnie THE LONSTER” Bissonnette that we continue to have progress in this world of open-mindedness, AND SCARE THE LIVING SH*T OUT OF PEOPLE..

Our conversations typically go something like this:

Unknown: So what is it exactly you do with this,… 9Lives.
9Lives: We organize action adaptive events and sporting opportunities for people with physical differences.

Unknown: OH? (the usual eyebrow).. Thats kinda crazy. Is it dangerous? What exactly have you done?
9Lives: Everything from skydiving to bungee jumping. Snowmobiling. Wind-Tunnel Flying and WCMX events

Uknown: …   …   … thats freEAKIN WILD! What’ the craziest adaptive sport you have seen?
9Lives: Well… our main man F#CKING BASE JUMPS IN HIS CHAIR!!!!! WHAAAAAAAT YES FELLOW WILDCAT, THE TIME IS NOW! We are in a new age of KNOWING. A new era of ABILITY. And reaching HORIZONS that no one has tasted before. LONNIE, felines and wildcats, is exactly the type of person to make this statement a reality.

FIND OUT ALL ABOUT HIS BEING HERE (lonniebissonnette.com) and watch his latest videos in BASE below.


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